Quality Assurance

Ensuring a consistently high product quality and maintaining a transparent and accountable manufacturing process is the core of our quality assurance philosophy.

The company's QA team is committed to stringent inspection of all raw materials and monitoring of production processes to give products that can meet international standards and customer requirements. To achieve this, we subscribe to various well-recognized quality management systems and audits, such as ISO 9001, going to ISO 14000 audit in 2016, QS -China Quality & Safety +3rd annual safety test, and we get "A" rating in BRC / IOP audited since 2014.

To maintain the level of trust customers have in our products, we regularly send our products to both Chinese and third-party international testing agencies. Tests are conducted based on legal requirements and specifications set by customers.

We focus on the Markets' Safety and Hygiene Regulatory compliance,as per customers' locality regulatory requirement (China GB 11680 and GB 9685 & New Food Safety Law enforced in Oct 2015).